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Harness The Power Of Your Emotions: A Pisces New Moon Ritual

It's here! The new moon in the watery, dreamy sign of Pisces! With it brings emotions, luck and compassion. March will be a magical month... full of dreams and hope for the future.

This Pisces moon connects with Jupiter, which is the planet of luck! It is also the planetary ruler of Pisces- so this new moon will be super charged! This would be a perfect moon to do any sort of heart chakra work or ritual. I will outline below a simple, yet effective new moon ritual for you to do tonight (or any time, really) to focus on your emotions and heart chakra and what they are telling you.


Start with a spiritual bath (if you don't know what it is, or want to know how to do one - you can find that information here.) Next, grab yourself a pink or green candle- if you have neither of these, a white candle will do. Play some soft music in the background, turn off the lights and sit in front of the candle. Light it. Take several deep breaths as you stare into the flame. This can also be referred to as scrying. Keep breathing while focusing on nothing but the flame. Next, bring your attention to your heart chakra. What sensations are you feeling there? What emotions are coming up for you? Does it feel heavy? Light? Empty? Full? What thoughts or memories come to mind as you stare into the flame? How do they make you feel?

It is important that throughout this process, you are present & in the moment without any distractions. You will feel everything as it comes to you. Allow yourself to cry if you feel that you want to. Laugh. Feel at peace, comforted. Whatever it is that comes up- even if it runs the emotional gambit.... FEEL IT. As the old adage goes: you gotta feel it to heal it.

Pay attention to the thoughts and memories that are conjured up in this meditation ritual. Do not be surprised if old, deep wounds come to the surface. Memories that perhaps you haven't thought about in years suddenly make their presence known. Things you thought you had let go of are coming back around for another release. Let them come.

Again, focus on the heart chakra and what sensations you are feeling. All the while, still looking at the candle's flame. How does it feel now? Warm? Light? Tingly? Continue to breathe and feel all that you need.

When you are ready, slowly blink and release your focus on the candle flame. Come back into the room and take a few minutes to centre and ground yourself. This would be an excellent time to journal about what you have experienced during this new moon ritual.

If you wish to enhance your ritual, feel free to add these extras to your process.

INCENSE- this will set a mystic mood as well as bring in the element of AIR. I would suggest a road opener incense, jasmine or nag champa... but any incense you like will do.

CRYSTALS- these will intensify the ability to recognize the emotions you are feeling and ground you as well as bring in the element of EARTH. Crystals I would suggest for this ritual would be amazonite, clear quartz, blue apatite or hematite. Place these around the candle or hold one in your palm as you stare in the flame.

The candle itself will act as the element of FIRE and if you choose to do the spiritual bath, that will act as the element of WATER. Tying in the 4 elements will simply intensify your experience.

Another thing to expect with this Pisces New Moon... is the urge to deep dive within yourself. You may find yourself looking for deep meaning in everything around you, re-evaluating all aspects of your life: relationships, career, your purpose. This could signal the beginning of a new awakening... a dark night of the soul. The quest for meaning will be very strong for the next couple of weeks... so allow yourself to dive deep within yourself and search for those answers you are looking for. If you need to repeat the above ritual a couple of times over the coming weeks, by all means do so.

Because Pisces is a very dreamy, ethereal sign... pay attention to your dreams over the next few weeks. There will be a lot of energetic upgrades and downloads from your guides. You may find that even though you slept a decent amount, you find yourself tired as if you have worked all day, even though you have just awoke. This is because you have been active in the astral realms over night. Perhaps keep a dream journal and jot down what you can remember as soon as you wake up. If you are the type to not remember your dreams, set the intention that you wish to remember them every night before you go to sleep. If you still don't remember your dreams in the morning, trust that you have integrated the information that you needed on the subconscious level!

Believe in luck. Pay attention to synchronicities. Practice trust- both in yourself and the universe! Allow the magic and beauty of this dreamy moon to infiltrate your life. Flow. Trust. Be.

And lastly, dream big! March brings magic to our manifestations! Jupiter and the Pisces New Moon is bringing luck to our side! So dream! Make plans! Prepare! Tap into the power of your emotions and use them towards your goals this month! Don't let your ego hold you back! Don't listen to other people's opinions! This new moon will intensify your intuition so trust NOTHING but that! Listen to your own compass- it will not lead you astray!

May this new moon bring you abundance, peace and a deep inner knowing. As always I am sending you all the best.



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