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What Is A Spiritual Bath and Why Should I Want One?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

What is a Spiritual Bath? Essentially, this is a bath specifically for cleansing your aura. This bath is designed to detox your soul and energy. How light and amazing you feel after has to be experienced to be believed. The first time I took one of these spiritual baths was exhilarating! I cannot begin to describe how I felt. It was like years of heavy, negativity was lifted immediately. I felt so free! To be honest, I have never felt so good as I did the first time, however- every time I do one of these spiritual baths, I do feel amazing after and I do find them very beneficial!

These baths do go by other names as well- sometimes known as Aura baths, ritual baths or herbal baths. They can also be used for many reasons. I will lay out the basic spiritual cleansing bath ingredients and a step by step instruction for you here. One thing to note, these baths do take a lot of prep work, so be prepared to do a bit of work before hand… Now let’s into it!


Clean your bathroom ENTIRELY. Clean the tub, the toilet, the floors and the counters! All of it. Cleanliness is next to Godliness as they say. You can go as far as cleaning and straightening out all the insides of your drawers and under the sink as well. Take out any clutter like laundry hampers or even your garbage can for the time being until the bath is over.

If this is your first Spiritual bath… I would highly suggest this next step! Wash the walls of your bathroom with a warm water and sea salt solution. (You can also use Florida water if this is something you have access to.) As you are washing the walls, make sure you are doing this with the conscious intention of cleansing the walls of any previous energy and welcome in high vibrational energy. Make sure you feel at peace and content as you do this. Feel free to play some nice, calming and peaceful meditation music as you clean your bathroom. Use anything that will get you in that peaceful, high vibe energy.

By the time you are finished, you will FEEL the difference in the energy. Now set up candles, incense and/or crystals to create a nice sacred space in your bathroom.

Please make sure that you are fully clean before getting into your Spiritual bath. This bath is not to cleanse your physical body, it is to cleanse your energetic field. Make sure you are fully cleansed and hair washed. If you are using the same tub/shower to wash before the bath, make sure that you do another quick clean of the tub before you start the bath.

Now let’s get into the ingredients for the bath itself…

Spiritual Bath

Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt Florida Water (Optional) Epsom Salt

Optional Extras

Crystals: Clear Quartz Rose Quartz Carnelian Amethyst

Incense: Frankincense and Myrrh

Palo Santo or Sage or Smudge Spray


Step 1: Light the incense and sage/palo santo yourself. Light the candles. You should already be sky clad at this point.

Step 2: Start running the water. Add the salts- I like to do 3 handfuls of each. As you add each handful of salt, say an intention for what you want.

For example:

I release all negative and toxic relationships that no longer serve me.

I release any fear and blockages that are holding me back from achieving my goals.

I release any negative, low level energy from my auric field.

Do this for each handful of salt and each splash of Florida water that you use. So, if you are using just Epsom and sea salts, you will have 6 intentions. If you add pink Himalayan salt or Florida water, you will have 9. Be sure that you are fully present and in the moment as you set these intentions. Remember that this bath is a sacred ritual, and should be treated as such.

You may choose to add crystals to the bath or around the tub. Be sure if you are placing them in the bath that they are water safe. I suggest quartz crystals for this. Selenite is a great cleansing crystal, but cannot be placed in water. If you wish to have a large piece of Selenite on the counter, feel free to do so.

Now that the tub is ready, turn off the water and get in. Do not have any distractions. Do not have your phone. You may wish to play meditation music in the background. Take this time to breathe and meditate. Think about the intentions you set before entering the tub. Relax, surrender and release. I suggest that the bath last a minimum of 15 minutes, to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Now your bath is finished. You will feel lighter, and free. I suggest spending time afterwards by yourself. Focus on what you just experienced. I like to journal about how I feel and what insights I may have gained throughout the bath.

Now, if you do not have a tub, do not fret. You can do this in the shower. Prepare 3 buckets with the salt water and Florida water. Use the same method for preparing the water in the pails. Then, as you think about your intentions, pour the water over your head. You will receive the same type of benefits from this as well.

These ritual baths will help bring your spiritual journey to the next level. I would suggest doing them no more than once a month. I suggest either on the Full Moon or New Moon. (Don’t forget that you can harness the energy of the full and new moons up to 3 days prior and 3 days after). You may find that you only have to do this every couple of months, or possible only 3-4 times a year. Follow your intuition here. Let me know in the comments if this is something that you have done, or if you do this ritual tell me your experience!!

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