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F**k Off Ego, I'm Manifesting!

Kick Ego’s Ass and Manifest like a BOSS!

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Presented by Randi Maschak,
Founder of Authentic Truth Within.

Randi is a professional spiritual empowerment coach, Reiki master, crystal healer, teacher, intuitive psychic reader, spiritual rebel and manifesting bad ass!  When Randi was thrust into her own spiritual awakening process, she had a difficult time finding the support, information, programs or coaches that really fit with how she was navigating the process and she knows she is not alone in this!  This lack of information and support was the inspiration and guiding factor in developing her three online programs “Authentic Awakening”,  “Deconstructing Ego” and “Ignite Your Magic”.  Randi created the resources she wished she had while navigating her own awakening!  She has very own distinct style of teaching, coaching and reading that blends her no nonsense attitude with love, story telling and humour!


Sure, that’s all well and good but what have I manifested? Here are just SOME of the amazing things that I have created and manifested:


  • A Debt Free Existence

  • My Dream Car

  • A Growing and Thriving Soul-Aligned Business

  • Dream Life in Mexico

  • Personal Freedom!


If I can do it, so can you!!  The trick is believing you can! 

"Randi is doing what she is meant to do. Her intuition, empathy and knowledge surpasses those in her field. She is fully committed towards helping her clients and always goes the extra mile. You literally feel her love during her treatments and readings. Highly recommend this beautiful soul."

— Mackenzie L.

Randi is simply wonderful! I am doing one on one sessions with her and she is helping me find the answers I have been searching for. Randi uses her unique set of skills to draw out things in me I didn’t even know I was hiding from myself. If it wasn’t for her I’d still be spinning in circles. I am forever grateful for her help!

— Mickey J

"I used to feel stuck, scattered, drained, and like I was always putting on a show. Since working with Randi I have noticed a greater sense of peace within myself, my family and friends have even commented on how much more grounded I am, one person mentioned I feel more present and like a whole person to them. And I do! Life changing, thank you Randi!"

— Natalie R.

Randi is one of the most welcoming human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  Her readings give you insight and closure on so many things.  She makes you feel so comfortable and she is so funny!  I recommend her to all my friends and family because my readings have given me a clearer path to follow which I am truly grateful for!

— Joanna H

Welcome to my newest program inspired by YOU. 


So often I hear people say they don’t believe manifestation works because it has never worked for them.  I hear that it’s bunk and just a bunch of BS.  I get it.  I do!  I used to believe that too.  So what changed my mind?  I did!  I first decided that I WANTED to believe in manifestation and that it could work for me! That’s right.  You heard me.  I DECIDED it.  Next, I learned a bunch of helpful information about myself that changed the way I thought, things I believed and kept me thinking small.  I learned about my damn ego and I tamed the fucker.  Next thing you know, I’m happier, healthier and more content than I have ever been before! 


Here’s the thing, I want YOU to believe in manifestation too.  I want you to dream big and have it happen for you!  I want you to be living your DREAM LIFE with all the happiness and abundance that you yearn for!  So what did I do?  I created a program just for YOU!  You deserve to live your best damn life and I’m going to show you how!



  • Weekly 60 min ZOOM group teaching calls

  • 2 - One on One Coaching calls to discuss your goals and how to achieve them

  • Whatsapp group chat for laser coaching and support 

  • Replays of all ZOOM teachings 

  • Private link to your One on One calls so you can review them whenever!

  • Specialized tools to help you on your manifestation journey

  • Tried and true manifestation techniques

  • Tips and tools to bust your limiting beliefs and tame your ego to live your BEST DAMN LIFE! 




As with most things in life - you get what you put in.  I give you the tools to manifest all that you want by targeting the ego and learning how to stop it from sabotaging your dreams! 


HARSH TRUTH ALERT - The reason your manifestations are failing is you.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that self sabotage is the reason things aren’t happening for you.  Don’t stress, you probably don’t realize you’re doing it!  That is your ego at work my friend!  Not only does learning how to kick ego’s ass help your manifestations, it also improves your relationships, self confidence and let’s be honest… all aspects of your life!


Every week I will teach you more and more about the ego, how to recognize it and how to tame it.  Say goodbye to self sabotage and hello to your dreams!



Unlike other manifestation courses that just give you manifestation techniques, this program targets what goes on behind the scenes and goes into depth why your manifestations fail and gives you tools for how to fix it!   This program teaches you to stop self sabotaging and become a manifesting master! 





I will walk you through how to recognize when your ego and limiting beliefs are rearing their ugly heads and preventing you from preventing you from obtaining your dreams.  Each week I will teach you about ego, what it is and how to tame it.  I will also give you my tried and true manifestation methods and concentrate on what manifestation is and how it works.  We will concentrate on breaking down beliefs and conditioning to re-program the mind with new, abundant beliefs that will have you attracting all that you want and more!




  • A good understanding of what ego is and what it is made up of

  • Ability to recognize when ego is interfering in your manifestations and every day life

  • Comprehensive tools to tame the ego to bust limiting beliefs & self sabotaging behaviours

  • Understanding of what manifestation is and how it works

  • Tried and true manifestation techniques and methods

  • A deeper understanding and connection to your authentic self



If you were to work on me one on one (which, if that is more your jam - feel free!) this information would cost you upwards of $1000.  I am offering this program to you in a package deal for ONLY $555.00! 


You get 2 One on One coaching sessions PLUS laser coaching through the 6 weeks.  Weekly group calls giving you all the pertinent information you need to manifest the life of your dreams! 


Program runs from January 9th to February 13th.


Sound good?! FUCK YA IT DOES! 

Still Have Questions?

Book a discovery call (Up to 15 minutes) with me to see if this is right for you!

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