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CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® is a powerful yet gentle soul-based coaching method that facilitates a personal awakening and inner empowerment process. This coaching experience equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to create a more authentic and fulfilling life. By developing a state of conscious awareness and learning how to redirect energy, people are freed up to interpret their life, their experiences, relationships and themselves from a state of presence and love instead of fragmentation and fear. CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® has been developed by Eryka Stanton, Founder of The Academy of Soul Empowerment.

I offer single-session one on one coaching as well as discounted multi-session packages depending on your budget.

Coaching is for you if:

  • You want to make meaningful changes in your life

  • Learn to connect with yourself on a deeper level

  • Discover your authentic self

  • Remove limiting beliefs that do not serve you

  • Understand your conditioning: why you do the things you do and where it comes from

  • Recognize harmful patterns and learn how to interrupt and change them

  • Be more present

  • Tame the ego-self

  • A one on one approach to personal awakening and inner empowerment.

    1 hr

    125 Canadian dollars
  • Book a discovery call with me to see if Coaching is right for you!

    30 min

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