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Ignite Your Magic

A Journey Through The Chakras

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Presented by Randi Maschak,
Founder of Authentic Truth Within.

     My mission in life is to empower others to free themselves of expectations and find who they truly are so they can live an aligned, joy filled life of purpose! I have always known on some level that I was a healer. I enjoy teaching and helping friends and family through difficult situations or relationship issues.  Helping others has always been a part of my life and holding space for others is second nature to me.  I have studied extensively in my field, becoming a globally certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH®. 

"Randi is doing what she is meant to do. Her intuition, empathy and knowledge surpasses those in her field. She is fully committed towards helping her clients and always goes the extra mile. You literally feel her love during her treatments and readings. Highly recommend this beautiful soul."

— Mackenzie L.

Randi is simply wonderful! I am doing one on one sessions with her and she is helping me find the answers I have been searching for. Randi uses her unique set of skills to draw out things in me I didn’t even know I was hiding from myself. If it wasn’t for her I’d still be spinning in circles. I am forever grateful for her help!

— Mickey J

"I used to feel stuck, scattered, drained, and like I was always putting on a show. Since working with Randi I have noticed a greater sense of peace within myself, my family and friends have even commented on how much more grounded I am, one person mentioned I feel more present and like a whole person to them. And I do! Life changing, thank you Randi!"

— Natalie R.

Randi is one of the most welcoming human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  Her readings give you insight and closure on so many things.  She makes you feel so comfortable and she is so funny!  I recommend her to all my friends and family because my readings have given me a clearer path to follow which I am truly grateful for!

— Joanna H

The chakras are energy centres within the body that hold correspond to different areas of the physical body as well as the energetic body.  When chakras are blocked they can affect our emotional and physical well-being! There are 7 main Chakras or energy centres located along the spine.  However, with this program we will be working through the 7 main plus 2 more chakras that can heavily influence our wellness.

With this program we will be journeying through these chakras, understanding what energies, stories, & blockages are held within each one and releasing and clearing blockages and unwanted stories and energy that are being stored there.  Each week will focus on 2 chakras, what part of the body is being represented, what energetic associations there are and how to release what is blocking the energy.  
This 4 week program allows you to free yourself from blockages held deep within your psyche as well as your energetic and physical body that you may not even be aware is interrupting your daily life.  
This program offers deep connection within yourself as well as tools to use as often as you like going forward!
Ignite your magic allows deep connection to yourself, your dreams and desires, your inner fire, enhance your intuition and manifest your desires!  
What's included in the program:
4 - One hour Zoom Education calls. 1 call per week.
2 - Chakra Assessments - Given at the beginning of the program and at the end of the program so you can see your process
Exercises for how to work with Chakras and clear blockages
Specialized guided meditations
A deep inner connection and understanding of self
Replays of all Zoom classes to watch as many times as you like!
I wanted to create a deep, transformational program that was affordable and accessible to all.  Especially during these times where the world is so busy and stressful.  This program is so NEEDED! If you feel stuck and are LONGING for connection and change this program is for you!!  You CAN change your life and find your passion and spark again!  You can show the world your own personal brand of magic!  You are perfect as you are and its time to clear out any old energy and stories that tell you otherwise!


What this program does for you:

Unleashes creativity
Awakens Intuition
Releases money stories
Recognize your desires
Ignites your inner spark
Helps you speak your truth
Connect to higher realms
Frees your spirit
Balances your energy
Provides stability
And so much more!

Still Have Questions?

Book a discovery call (Up to 15 minutes) with me to see if this is right for you!

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