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Deconstructing Ego

Uncover The Magic Of Who You Truly Are!

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Presented by Randi Maschak,
Founder of Authentic Truth Within.

     My mission in life is to empower others to free themselves of expectations and find who they truly are so they can live an aligned, joy filled life of purpose! I have always known on some level that I was a healer. I enjoy teaching and helping friends and family through difficult situations or relationship issues.  Helping others has always been a part of my life and holding space for others is second nature to me.  I have studied extensively in my field, becoming a globally certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH®. 



Raise your hand if you’re sick of hearing that word! It feels like it’s being tossed around like spiritual confetti at your cousin’s kid’s birthday party you were guilted into attending by your other cousin who you don’t even like. “Don’t listen to your ego!” “Learn to love your ego!” “It was just my ego talking!” “Kill your ego!” “Marry your ego and go on a tacky honeymoon!” Trust me! I get it! We’re hearing a lot about ego these days and most of us don’t even really know what it is! Nevermind what you’re supposed to do with it! That’s why I was drawn to create a space for us to learn more about this together. Before I get too carried away, here are the basics!

Who?: You, Me and a group of other magical individuals

What?: an 8-week Intensive Program on Deconstructing Ego

What else?:

  • 2 Zoom meetings per week

  • A WhatsApp group chat for questions, discussion and laser coaching

  • One on One coaching sessions

  • Assignments to keep you on track

  • Worksheets, Slides and Prompts to deepen your learning

When?: April 16th – June 10th, 2022

Where?: anywhere you need it to be, delivered primarily via Zoom & WhatsApp

Why?: because you’re ready to make a change and invest in yourself

How?: an energetic exchange of $555 (the next round will be $1500). Outside of this program, these offerings would amount to $2750! And there are pricing plans available (details to follow).

I know, I know, the last thing you need is another course that is going to sit unfinished in the graveyard of PDFs, ebooks and unwatched videos. Bonus points if you feel like it’s YOU who is failing when these courses go unfinished. I’ve been there and that’s why I’m approaching this differently.

There are so many voices out there with amazing messages. So many wonderful teachers and guides ready to share their insights. So many courses and programs you can go through on your own, at your own pace. And that’s where I struggled. It’s the community, the support and the accountability that I really needed to get me through a course. I didn’t always find that with pre-recorded videos and ebooks. That’s why I’ve designed this program to be a mix of self-driven work, live sessions, group and one-on-one support.

My intention for this program is to help you understand first and foremost what the ego is, how it works and how it is holding you back. Then to help you deconstruct and strip away your ego and uncover the magic of who you truly are! Who you truly are.... what do I mean by that? I mean seeing who you are under the ego - free of limiting beliefs and conditioning! I mean the you living a life full of courage, clarity of life purpose with fulfilling relationships and healthy boundaries. An abundant, intention filled life with a deep understanding of self. 

Some of the problems ego causes: 

  • Self Sabotage 

  • Ignoring our own wants and needs 

  • Keeps us in fear mode 

  • Stuck in victim mentality 

  • Unable to move forward towards goals and plans


What we’ll discuss:

  • What Is Ego

  • Power of Presence

  • Recognizing Ego

  • Learning Your Triggers

  • How Ego Helps and Hinders Us

  • Belief Systems & Conditioning

  • Changing Your Narrative/Flipping The Script

  • Inner Child Wounds

  • Silencing The Inner Critic

  • Living In Alignment

  • And More!


Where You May Be:

  • Stuck

  • Frustrated

  • Repeating same patterns and conditioning

  • Consistently triggered

  • Irritable

  • Feeling like something is missing from your life

  • Relationship strain

  • Disconnected from self

  • Fear based mentality

  • Martyr Syndrome

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Wanting to take the next step but don't know how

  • Not present

  • Unbalanced

  • Overly Critical of others

  • Fear of other's judging me

  • Unable to make strides towards goals

  • Lonely


With this program, we can learn freedom from judgement of self and others and learn the true meaning of self love.  Learn accountability for where you are and accepting it while learning how to shift your narrative and begin to peel back the layers of conditioning preventing you from embodying your authentic self.  The ego tells us lies to keep us safe, prevents us from living fully in the moment, keeps us in a fear based reality and this program teaches you how to recognize when it is happening in the moment and change our programming and personal patterning so we can have the outcome and life we want.  

Our ego wants us to believe that it’s easier to do this work on our own, that we are alone in this and that no one understands anyway. That’s why it’s so important for me to offer you a space to connect with others, to attend live sessions, have a group chat space and to do partner work. While also allowing you the space for self-reflection and one-on-one coaching. The program runs for 8 weeks so that you can make a habit of setting time aside for yourself. It allows the group to connect on a different level and keeps everyone accountable. I know I need that in a program! Knowing that others are showing up every week helps me to show up too. This program will give you the tools, community and support to continue becoming your most aligned self! You do so much for others and you deserve to invest that same energy in yourself.

Alright, I know you’re ready for this! So let’s dive into the details.

8 Week Intensive Program

Date: April 23th – June 17th, 2022

2 Zoom Meetings a Week:

  • Saturday Mornings - 10:30am CST (90 minutes)

  • Wednesday Evenings Q&A - 7pm CST (60 minutes)

  • These will be recorded if you can’t make the live sessions or want to rewatch them.


2 One Hour One-on-One Coaching Calls

  • These will be booked to fit your schedule


WhatsApp Group Chat for questions, discussion and laser coaching during work hours

Partner work and homework assignments

Access to replays of the Zoom Sessions

Worksheets, Slides and Prompts

VALUE: $2750 PRICE: $555 (Next Round Will Be $1500)

Pricing plans are available: 3 payments of $203.50 to be paid upon registration, April 30th and May 30th.

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