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5 Ways To Work With This Libra Full Moon

It's that time again! It's the time for the full moon - the 2nd of 3 moons in April! This full moon reaches its peak April 16th, at 2:55pm EST and falls under the sign of Libra - the great equalizer. Get ready for illumination on all things that are out of balance in your life! We are coming off a smorgasbord of cosmic shit this week! We had the Neptune Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces on the 12th (which hasn't happened in the last 166 years), and yesterday we had a big ole solar storm raging on. This full moon closes off the trio of cosmic craziness bringing with it some balance. Hopefully.

Libra's ruling planet is Venus - the planet of love and relationships. As one could expect with Venus in the drivers seat, RELATIONSHIPS are going to be a big focal point of this particular full moon. This Pink Moon, as it is sometimes referred, is an excellent time to improve relationships but also finding the balance with our own individual needs. Oftentimes, when we think about relationships, our relationship with OURSELVES often takes a backseat. Libra is asking you to find the balance within as well as with others. Improving our relationship with ourselves, knowing what we need in and from our relationships and being able to communicate that freely, honestly and authentically will deepen our connections with others. Opening our hearts to receive as well as to give marries all of what this moon has to offer.

As we just had the Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in the dreamy sign of Pisces, this moon in Libra assists in bringing some much needed grounding and balance. However, in so bringing the ability and need for balance - anything that is not in alignment can come rearing its ugly head! So don't be put off if upsets or arguments occur during this time - it is simply showing you what is not balanced in your life. Venus, the ruling planet of Libra loves to bring beauty back into your life, so I encourage you to see the beauty in these moments of frustration - instead, choose to see these triggers and upsets as guides for what needs to be looked at in life. As I love to tell my coaching clients triggers are our teachers, and this Pink Moon will certainly bring along plenty of them - but also it brings the opportunities for clarity, balance and alignment. You just have to choose to use the energy in this way.

Now, with Libra, a little caveat here - because it brings the energy of balance, of seeing both sides of the coin, of wanting everything nice and even.... there is a tendency for indecision here. You may find decision making this weekend a bit more difficult than normal. Deciding what to make for supper might feel like a task in futility, be acutely aware of where this indecision is showing up in your life - don't let it take over. Remember, no matter what the planets and cosmos are doing - free will is still a thing.

So how to work with the energy of this moon?

1) See the beauty in all things. Use this beautiful Venus energy to choose to see beauty in everything - even the things that maybe aren't so beautiful.

2) Focus on your relationships. Make them a priority at this time. Make a point of connecting and having honest conversations

3) Make a list of what triggers you. See what comes forth as a trigger or frustration in the next few days and make a list. Then, take a look and see what all had come up for you. This will tell you where balance is lacking in your life.

4) Take time to ground. Get outside. Meditate. Imagine roots coming from your feet and connecting deep, deep underground to the centre of the earth. Whatever makes you feel centred and grounded - DO IT!

5) Take some me time. Find a few quiet moments to connect with yourself. Maybe a nice walk or a bubble bath. Take a time out and nurture that relationship with yourself.

Those are my 5 tips for working with this moon's energy. As previously stated, this has been a doozy of a week for astrological shit, so no doubt you may feel a little unsettled. You may even find yourself feeling physical signs - headaches, dizzy, nausea to some degree... that's all ok. Remember to ground and find your balance this weekend. Spend time on your relationships - how perfect that this moon falls on Easter weekend?! An excellent time to connect with family and friends!

I wish you all alignment and love!

Until next time,


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