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7 Ways Reclaim Your Power With The Super Scorpio Blood Moon

The full moon occurring on May 15th is very special and extremely powerful for several reasons. Not only is it in the mysterious, watery sign of Scorpio, but it is also a SUPER BLOOD MOON. We'll get into what that means more in a minute, but for now, trust me when I say that this moon is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

So why is it so special?

Because of its close proximity to Earth, the moon appears much larger in the sky, thus earning the handle of Super moon. Not only is it larger, the moon will also appear to be a reddish hue for a number of hours thanks to the total lunar eclipse that occurs during at the same time as the moon is full. During an eclipse, the Moon, Earth and Sun are all in alignment with the Earth falling directly between the Sun and the Moon. Because the Earth gets in the way of the moon, the sunlight that normally illuminates the Moon has to first filter itself through the Earth's atmosphere, that is why the moon appears to be red. The red is just filtered sunlight hitting the moon. Because of its reddish glow, the moon earns the nickname of Blood Moon. As I said previously, because the moon is so close to Earth, it becomes a super moon, so this moon is actually a SUPER BLOOD MOON.

The thing about eclipses....

Eclipses REVEAL. They bring with them to the surface all sorts of things that we may have been trying to avoid. The fact that this eclipse is occurring also during Mercury retrograde, prepare yourself for ancestral trauma, personal demons and past history to peek their head out and cause havoc in your life. Repressed emotions anyone? Get ready to say hello to those! Trust though, that if these things are showing up in your life, it is coming up for a reason. These are coming up to be cleared for your greater good.

This month's full moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is known for its secretive and mysterious qualities. Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto - the planet of destruction and transformation - bringing with it a call for personal metamorphosis during this time. Scorpio is of course a water sign, tied to intuition and psychic development. It is tied to the emotional realm, bringing with it intense and deep feelings, as well as spiritual illumination. Scorpio is the sign that rules the genitals most associated with sex. It is power hungry and calculating but also seductive and enticing. Because of these strong, powerful and intense traits, Scorpio energy can easily get caught up in ego mode, causing conflict and drama where there doesn't have to be.

So as we can see, this full moon is JAM PACKED with crazy intense energy!! So how can we harness it? Here are 7 ways to utilize this energy to the fullest!

  1. BE BOLD. This intense Scorpio energy is perfect for owning who you are! Fearless Scorpio asks us to take ownership of our passions, desires and goals! Do something crazy that your soul loves! Dance in your living room, sing at the top of your lungs, share that deep secret with your lover - let the wild side out!

  2. CONSULT THE SPIRIT REALM - Scorpio is known for its psychic strength, use this energy to connect with the spirit world! Meditate, call in your spirit team and ancestors, listen. Receive guidance and answers to your questions through connection to the divine realm. Trust the guidance you receive.

  3. CALL YOUR POWER BACK - It seems our consciousness is always split these days - it feels like we are always running in a million different directions. No more. Stop. Take some time to be alone with yourself. Hermit up for the weekend if you can. Set the intention of calling your power back to you! All the energy you have sent out into the world, call it back! You can use a mantra something like "I call all my energy and power back to me now." It can be that simple or it can be longer and more in depth if you like. You cannot do it wrong. Your intention speaks louder than words.

  4. MAKE A PLAN - Because of Scorpio's ambitious and calculating traits, it is the perfect time to make a plan for the future! What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year? How can you execute it? How can you start today? This full moon will give your plans an added boost!

  5. BE CREATIVE - You will be prone to bursts of creative ideas with this full moon. Use it to your advantage and dive into something creative! Re-arrange your furniture, paint something, write a poem... create SOMETHING! Wake that sacral chakra - the energy centre of creativity and sensuality.

  6. REFLECT ON YOUR LIFE - Because of the watery goodness that is Scorpio, it is a perfect time to reflect on your life and where its going. Check in with how you are feeling - allow yourself to feel any emotions that come up. It is not only a great time to reflect on your life, but it is a great time to experience it as well.

  7. RELEASE - Allow any repressed emotions or memories come to the surface. Feel them, experience them, learn from them and then let them go. This release will bring you inner peace and calm as well as a true sense of freedom.

Those are 7 easy ways to connect with your inner self and reclaim your personal power with this moon. Use the Super energy to ramp up your power and manifestations. Let the eclipse bring up whatever it needs to so you can release it with love. Harness freedom, power, love and boost your intuition with this powerful moon. Tap into those parts of yourself that usually hide in the shadows and like the full moon, let them shine! These parts of you are just as beautiful as the rest of you! Show every part of you! Own your authenticity! The world is ready for you!

Let the power of this full moon fill you up! Trust your intuition, feel deeply and be fearless!

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