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5 Ways To Celebrate The New Moon In Aries

It is April 1st! It is the new moon - or dark moon as some would say. Where the moon is dark, not visible ... it is completely NEW. It is the beginning of a new cycle. Time to let old versions die off... a time to renew.

We are in Aries season - the energetic and astrological new year! With this moon we celebrate! Most of you know by now that new moons are typically a great time to create intentions for new beginnings. However, there is something special about THIS new moon in particular. It has a deeper, stronger energy around it. One that begs for attention. The Aries New Moon WANTS to give you what you want. More specifically, it wants to give you ideas, passion, drive and inspiration towards achieving your goals. It brings the stubborn, passionate fire that comes with Aries season and pours it into your intention - making THIS new moon incredibly potent.

Ok great, so this is all great and wonderful... so what? HOW do you harness this energy? Or any moon energy in general? Here are my favorite ways:

1) Have a spiritual bath. This cleanses your aura and releases all the energetic junk that you're holding onto. I remember the first time I had one, I felt like I had released 20 years of junk that I didn't know I was holding. It is intense, peaceful and incredibly healing all at the same time! Don't know what this is, or want to know more about it? I did a blog post about this and you can find it here.

2) Meditate. Yes this should be a daily practice blah blah blah. We get it. But some people, don't enjoy it. There are different ways of meditating - it isn't all just sitting with legs crossed and chanting. You can meditate while hand washing your dishes, or going for a walk. I go over different methods of meditations in my 12 week program Authentic Awakening. The whole point of this meditation though, should you choose to engage, is to get clarity on your intention. What do you want to achieve or create during this Aries season?

3) Light a candle. It is Aries season after all. Aries is an astrological sign associated to the FIRE element so honoring the element is a great way to connect to the energy of this new moon. There are various ways you can do this, you can actually inscribe your intention right into the wax of the candle itself - or you can just hold the candle while thinking of what you want to achieve. The reason for doing this is to put YOUR energy into the candle. Next, light the candle and just sit with it while focusing on your intention. Watch the flame, what images and thoughts come to mind? How does your body feel? What emotions are coming up? Sit with it until it burns down. The candle itself doesn't have to be very big. It can be a chime candle or birthday candle, or even a tealight. Don't leave candles unattended... remember to practice fire safety!

4) Write your plan. Write out your desire/goal/intention on a piece of paper. Physically write it out. Don't make notes on your phone, or voice note it. Actually WRITE it out. This creates a bond with your desire. Taking the time to write it out shows dedication to your cause. It also puts your energy into paper. I want you to think of writing this out like you are signing a contract with the Universe and yourself. You can even sign it. You can make this step as fancy or as basic as you like. You can use a pencil and a piece of loose leaf, or you can get yourself some fancy, this parchment paper and a beautiful fountain pen. Maybe you want to create a journal specifically for New Moon intentions. How you do it is completely up to you! This can be extremely fun! So enjoy it!

5) Sit under the moon. Yes, it can be that simple. Just sit or stand under the new moon and absorb its beautiful energy. It doesn't have to be for hours on end. 10-15 minutes will do just fine. I realize it is still pretty cold and yucky in a lot of parts of the world, but, 10-15 minutes is really all you need. If you want to stay out longer, great! Make sure there are no distractions! Put away your phone. This is just a time for you and the moon. If you don't wish to sit under the moon yourself, cleanse a piece of jewelry and set it out under the moon, then wear it. This works just as well.

That is it my friends. Harnessing the energy of the new moon doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need a lot of fancy stuff to connect to the moon either. I hope that you take the time today or over the next couple of days to use this energy! This Aries season is a great time to launch into new things. It is no coincidence that I launched my two programs during this time! Aries season is a time for reinventing yourself, breaking old cycles, learning how to shed conditioning, expectation and obligation. This is the season to passionately go for what you want - to gain the confidence and silence the inner critic. This is the time for YOU and YOUR desires.

If you want to really dive in and use the next couple months to connect to yourself and shed what you don't need and learn how to connect to yourself... as I briefly mentioned, I have two programs beginning near the end of this month. Authentic Awakening is a 12 week program designed to gently guide and nurture those going through a spiritual awakening. It touches on all aspects of what goes on during the awakening process and provides guidance and connection during what CAN be a very overwhelming, confusing and lonely time. (Albeit the best time of your life!). Learn about the dark night of the soul, crystals, spirit guides, meditation, psychic abilities, chakras, breath work and so much more!

If you are looking more towards really tackling self improvement... taking responsibility for your life and changing old habits and patterns that are preventing you from moving forward, then I would suggest Deconstructing Ego: Uncover The Magic Of Who You Truly Are. With this 8 week program, we can learn freedom from judgement of self and others and learn the true meaning of self love. Learn accountability for where you are and accepting it while learning how to shift your narrative and begin to peel back the layers of conditioning preventing you from embodying your authentic self. The ego tells us lies to keep us safe, prevents us from living fully in the moment, keeps us in a fear based reality and this program teaches you how to recognize when it is happening in the moment and change our programming and personal patterning so we can have the outcome and life we want.

If you are reading this blog on April 1st, 2022 - then I have a special New Moon in Aries gift for you. If you are interested in either or both of these courses, I have a one day discount code for you! For $200 off the Authentic Awakening Program, use code: AWAKEN at checkout. And for $150 off the Deconstructing Ego program, use discount code: EGO at checkout. The codes expire at midnight tonight, April 1st - so use them while you can!

I do hope that this new moon brings you energy, passion, inspiration and drive into your life! It is the energetic new year, the equinox is now behind us - Spring is here! If you are reading this blog, first of all THANK YOU and second of all, this message is for you.... YOU ARE READY! You are ready to step into the fuller, most authentic version of yourself! You are ready to bloom, grow and create exciting new things! I am applauding you every step of the way! Be You. You're ready. It is time. The world is waiting for you. Let's do this!

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