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Welcome... Again!

Hello Everyone! And welcome back to my blog!

I'm going to do my best to actually keep this up to date with stuff. Best laid plans and all that. At any rate, HELLO!!! And welcome back to the blog! (I know I said this already, but I mean it!). I figured for the first blog post in like a year or more, I would just give you a quick update on what has been going on since we last spoke!

As you probably noticed... NEW WEBSITE! Not only a new website, but a new business name and the whole bit. I decided to smoosh all my modalities together under one roof to become your one stop spiritual shop!! (Also, this made my life a whole lot easier to have it under one umbrella!). So here we are, Authentic Truth Within!

So why that name?

Easy! Wether it is through my coaching, psychic services, or energy healing... my goal/mission (call it what you want) is to help you find your way back to your truest, most authentic form. To remember who you are at a core level.... to shed all the expectation, conditioning and societal beliefs and just be you! To become the most honest, loving and FREE you! And so, AUTHENTIC TRUTH WITHIN was born!!

For those who don't know, I am now a globally certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™. I graduated back in early December of 2020 and I have been helping clients find their authentic selves and improve their lives ever since! I have had numerous coaching clients and their feedback and transformations have been mind blowing!! Seeing someone change their lives in even the most subtlest of ways is the most amazing thing that I have ever been honoured to be a part of!! Wether it is to shed unwanted beliefs, or heal from childhood trauma or to just be more comfortable in your own skin.... coaching is the most life changing experience! I am grateful that I went through my own transformation and are able to provide others with the tools they need to shift and transform! Check out my coaching page if you are interested in starting your own transformation.

I am also an Internationally Certified Crystal Healer. I have always loved rocks and collected them since I was a child. I travelled to Brisbane Australia to take the hands on portion of the crystal course and after 6 months intense online study, I was officially certified back in 2019. I am also a certified Reflexologist and a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

I remember being told that doing energy work and tarot would not pay the bills. That it was "Voodoo Shit". I had better count on my reflexology in order to survive (and good luck because that isn't super mainstream either!). Here we are, a year later and I've built a pretty stable clientele of amazing, kick ass clients! My client list continues to grow! And do you know what? The majority of them are tarot and energy healing and coaching clients!! Reflexology is popular but not as popular as my other "Voodoo Shit". I love that this proves that the collective on a whole is really starting to accept the benefits that energy healing, crystals and self healing has! This is a huge step forward! Not only do we need mind and body doctors but... if the goal is to be WHOLE, then we most certainly cannot forget the SPIRIT side of healing. Mind+Body+Spirit=Wholeness.

I do a lot of distance healing work and I do get asked quite often if it is still as beneficial as doing in person sessions. The answer? ABSOLUTELY! In some cases, I even find it to be more beneficial! Some clients come into my treatment room and are a bit nervous or anxious, so I have to clear out that energy before we can dive into deeper healing. Whereas, had they perhaps done a distance session, we wouldn't have to do that initial clearing of anxiety/nerves etc. Yes you still receive the benefits. I can tap into your energy wether you are on the other side of the world, or laying on the table in front of me since I am working on your energetic body and not your physical one.

I still have my YouTube channel - The Cussing Cardslinger where I do tarot readings for the collective. (And if you aren't subscribed, you should be!) I currently have a 2K Giveaway happening over on that channel. So feel free to enter if you haven't already! I also have an Authentic Truth Within channel where I plan to start uploading content soon! My Summer Check In (6 month ahead) Reading is currently 25% off and I will no longer be offering it after July 31st, so if you would like one, book it sooner rather than later!!!!

I also have a podcast with Kayla of Akasha Awakened! It is called Sassy Spiritual Bitches. We do a weekly podcast full of spiritual tips and tricks for getting through life... as well as personal stories and experiences and a whole lot of laughs! It is very casual- like sitting around with a couple of friends for an hour or so. We also have a Patreon where we do bonus episodes and weekly channeled messages, cards of the days, meet ups, rituals etc. So if you are interested, we would love to have you! We have an amazing little community over there! If you want to listen to the podcast, we are on the following platforms: Anchor fm, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. Or you can listen here on my website. New episodes come out every Wednesday morning!

I think that is all I have for updates at this point in time. I am still accepting in person clients as well at A Healing Touch Massage in Prince Albert. If you would like to book an in person appointment with me you can do so on their website. I will do my best to keep posting content on this blog! Wish me luck!!



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