Top 11 Crystals for the Covid-19 Outbreak

Covid-19 has us all freaking the f*ck out! I was recently asked which crystals would be best to use for recovery during this time. I gave a couple of crystals off the top of my head, which of course got me thinking… I wonder which other crystals would be extremely useful at this time? And so… I did some research and have compiled a lengthy list of crystals that are great for the immune system to share with you today. No doubt if you are an avid crystal collector, you have already got most of these in your stash!

Before we begin, let me preface this article by saying that by no means am I a doctor or giving medical advice. If you are suffering from an illness it is important to seek medical treatment from a professional. That being said, crystals are a great complement to modern medicine and the results are very beneficial.


Not only is it an excellent pain reliever and natural antibiotic, but amber also balances the body and can relieve stress and turmoil. It also imparts joy and self-confidence and boosts vitality. Because amber is actually a resin and not a stone (gasp!) if you find it in a raw state, you can crush it into a powder and mix it with water or oil (I recommend avocado) to make an elixir of sorts. Apply this to the base of the neck, wrists and/or solar plexus to assist with breaking fevers, as well as add it topically to joints for aches and pains that may be plaguing you.