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The Benefits Of An Energetic Reset...

Sometimes you just need an energetic reset. Plain and simple.

It is easy to forget just how much energy we absorb from day to day! We take on so much from other people, our environment, situations as well as having to deal with our own energy within these parameters as well. It is especially difficult when you take into consideration the collective energy of the past weeks and years! There is so much happening that our energetic body is taking on - which in turn, can cause harm and dis-ease to our physical body.

As a society, we are taught about the physical body and the mental body - but very little to no emphasis or teachings are placed upon the spiritual or energetic body. This is a mistake in my opinion. Our health is most optimal when it works in harmony with all three bodies - mind, body and spirit. Imbalance in one causes imbalances in the others. Where there is imbalance - there comes dis-ease. When there is dis-ease, illness can occur.

I have worked on many people throughout my healing career, and it is almost uncanny how energetic blockages cause physical or mental symptoms in my clients' bodies. For example, I have had clients with clogged crown or third eye chakras complain about frequent and severe headaches which have dissipated once the blockage was cleared. I have relieved sore lower backs by removing stagnant energy from the area. I have helped numerous clients with anxiety and sleep issues - simply by moving energy, relieving blockages and allowing the body to heal itself. The body DOES heal itself - but as I stated previous, all forms of the body must be in full working order to continue to work smoothly and effectively.

If you were to think of your body as a car for instance, you always keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle right? You check the oil on a regular basis, and keep it gassed up. You take it for regular tune ups to keep it running at its tip top shape. The same rules should apply to all levels of your health.

What I do as an energy and crystal practitioner, is clear the body of blockages, remove unwanted or stagnant energy, then recharge, balance and align the remaining energy within the body. I give my clients an energetic reset. A Reiki re-charge! By doing this, the body is able to come back in harmony with itself so that it can get back to its job of healing itself when the need arises. I also use my psychic and mediumship abilities within the session and relay any extra insight or messages given to me for the client.

So how does an energetic reset help?

It helps by removing blockages and negative or stagnant energy stored within the body, disrupting the body's natural healing abilities. It helps relieve stress, anxiety, aches and pains and improves sleep. By refreshing the energy within the body, the immune system gets a boost as well and all aspects of the body get a recharge - leaving the client feeling lighter, balanced and peaceful.

Now, it may not be all sunshine and rainbows...

Some people have experienced a number of side effects from an energy treatment - especially if they have never had one done before. Some clients can experience flu like symptoms for a couple of days, headaches or just feeling off. This is because the energetic body has been through a trauma and is adjusting to the energy being reset. Think of it as the energetic body detoxifying - like any detox - it can feel rough but afterwards is so worth it! It needs to be said however, that most people (that I have worked on at least) do not experience these severe symptoms. Most feel refreshed and rested.

I perform the majority of my sessions through distance healing. Because I am working on the energetic body, I can access it from anywhere. Just like everyone's body is unique, everyone has a unique energetic blue print to them. So, it is a matter of pulling out the correct energetic blue print and working on that particular energetic body. I like to use the analogy of a fibre optic cable... Within a larger cable (the world) are many tiny fibre optic strands (the individual energetic blue print). It is a matter picking the right tiny strand, fixing it and replacing it back within the cable so it can operate as a whole. That is why when I perform a distance session, I ask for the clients full name and date of birth so I am able to locate their exact energetic body. And yes, it works just as effectively as an in person session!

So I suggest if you are feeling like something is off and you just can't figure out why - or maybe you are just feeling tired and have a lack of energy - maybe you aren't sleeping well... whatever the case may be... find yourself a practitioner and get yourself an energetic tune up! It is amazing the wonders that it will do! This is something I am very passionate about as well as something I practice. I try to get an energy healing session at least once a month! (More than that if I feel I need to). I cannot stress the importance of energetic health enough!

Here are a few energetic hygiene tips to help you keep your energy protected:

1) Salt Baths - Having a bath with sea salt, epsom salt or both at the very least a weekly basis can be very beneficial at cleansing your aura/energetic body.

2) Set Intention - Before going out in public, work or anywhere that you may absorb unwanted energy, set the intention that you will not take on energy that doesn't belong to you.

3) Crystals - Keep various crystals around your home or on your person to help absorb and protect from unwanted energies. Wearing them as jewelry or placing them under your pillow as you sleep are also great options. I suggest Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst. (There are many more options but these are my favourite for cleansing negative energy)

4) Aura Showers - Come home from being out in the public and take a 1 or 2 min shower with the intention of rinsing your energetic body of any unwanted energy. This is not a shower where you need to cleanse with soap or shampoo - it is to rinse the aura only.

5) Regular Energy Healing Treatments - Having treatments done on a semi - regular basis just keeps your energy charged and free of blockages so all aspects - mind, body and spirit may work together with ease.

6) Self-Reiki - Learn Reiki for yourself so you can perform self Reiki treatments on a daily or weekly basis to keep your energy in check or to relieve any symptoms you may be experiencing (headaches, muscle or menstrual cramps, anxiety etc.) If this is something that you are interested in, join the waitlist for more information on upcoming virtual classes! You can do so here.

In summary, it is vital to remember the importance of our energetic health and we treat it with the same respect as our physical and mental health. If you haven't experienced an energy healing treatment - I would highly suggest that you do so and see the benefits for yourself!

Stay happy and healthy!



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