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Spiritual Life Coaching Vs. Therapy

Spiritual Life Coaching vs. Therapy - what is the difference? What are the benefits? What are the similarities? How does it work? Or better still, WHY does it work? How does it really impact your life? All good questions... let's get into it shall we?

If you've been with me for awhile, then you know my belief in regards to wellness is that the WHOLE body- the mental, physical and spiritual body contribute to one's overall health. Each piece of that puzzle is important on its own, but it is the culmination of all of them together that plays the utmost importance. When the mind, body and spirit are all working together, the outcome is optimal health. Often, we focus on our physical and mental health, but our spiritual health - the connection to our higher self - is often ignored or not considered at all. This is why spiritual life coaching works - it is based on the principal of incorporating the spiritual side into the equation. It completes that golden triangle of mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual life coaching (or at least the way I do it), is similar to talk therapy in the sense that there's talking out feelings and emotions and seeing if we can figure out where it came from, but there is the added layer of understanding and compassion for ourselves that comes from deep within us. Adding the spiritual element brings us warmth, understanding and a connection to ourselves that just isn't possible on just a talking level. This way of coaching brings a softer approach to healing and facilitates a gentle awakening to who we are. It provides tools to not only navigate what is going on in our minds, but also our hearts and soul too. Spiritual coaching frees us from old belief systems and helps us to redirect the way we think and understand the world. It helps us not only understand our ego and where it comes from, but it also deconstructs it so we can interpret life and situations through a new lens of unity and love, instead of one of fear and separation. Spiritual coaching cultivates a conscious awareness in oneself, which in turn allows one to be more present in his/her/their life. This presence gives us the ability to truly see ourselves in any given moment - we can see how we react and respond... having this level of presence and conscious awareness allows us to change and asses our triggers IN THE MOMENT and interrupt our usual cycle of response as its happening. The ability to be accountable and change our perception gives such and enormous sense of empowerment and freedom that cannot be described, only experienced.

Just like any type of therapy, you get what you put in! It is worth the effort to be sure. Let's do a quick summary of some of the benefits that spiritual life coaching brings:

1) It creates meaningful connection within yourself to yourself

2) This connection allows you to show up as your authentic self

3) You feel empowered

4) Teaches you how to create meaningful change in your life

5) You feel fulfilled

6) No more victim mode

7) It brings more joy and ease to your life

8) Provides freedom from expectation and obligation

9) Allows you to see what you really want and need

10) Brings inner peace

11) Heightened sense of conscious awareness

12) Brings more love

13) Releases fear

There are so many more benefits - these are but a snippet. The benefits are never ending actually. Again, it bears repeating:

You get out of it what you put in.

My job as a coach is to hold space and guide the client through their awakening and transformation process. I ask questions, teach helpful tools, help see new perspectives and create a safe space for my client to heal and share.

So if you are ready to step up your life and truly take responsibility for it... if you want to learn how to empower yourself without needing external validation or permission - then spiritual life coaching is for you! You ARE ready - you are not reading this article by mistake. You have guided here for a reason. Life is so much more magical when we free ourselves from ego and outdated beliefs and conditioning.

Talk therapy allows you the ability to talk to someone who is unbiased to get out your thoughts and help you see things from another perspective - but if you're wanting to go deeper than that... to harness a deeper connection with yourself and release fear and expectation, I would encourage you to give spiritual life coaching a try!

I currently have all my coaching packages marked with a 25% off sale price until Mar. 31st, 2022, so if you wish to try it, there is no better time than now! You can check out the new prices here.

As always, I wish you health, happiness and inner peace.

Until next time,


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