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Hello again!

Tonight is the new moon in Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon... I think. (I don't really know, I'm not an astrologer!). I do know that cancer season brings up all the feels. A lot of my clients have really been going through it since Cancer season started around the 20th of June. I luckily, have not! I actually feel very in control and attuned with my emotions. I'm very aware of them, but they certainly not getting out of hand which is nice! Self mastery... it's a real thing!

New moons are a great time for setting new intentions! Is there a routine you've been wanting to start? A new hobby? The new moon is an excellent time to facilitate change in your life!

I hear what you're saying.... that's all great and wonderful but how the F**K can I do that?!!! Well let me tell you!! It doesn't have to be complicated.

1) Think of what you want to change.

That can be it. Honestly. Focus on what you want to change. Put some energy into it. Get specific in your mind's eye. Make a plan. All you have to do is think about it. But, if you want to kick it up a notch....

2) Journal about it.

Journaling doesn't have to be a big thing either, friends. BRAIN DUMP. Point form it. Plop a picture in your book if you want. Make jot notes. You still want it to be uber specific but it doesn't necessarily have to be in a big long story form.

3) Add emotions.

Here is where the magic happens! Lending the extra energy to the intention by including your emotions is the secret sauce to manifestation! FEEL what it is like to have what you want. Let it wash over you. Feel like its already happened. Feel it on every level. Journal about the emotions your feeling. Is it peace, happiness, gratitude? All of the above? Where in your body do you feel it. For example- Gratitude emanating from the heart space.

The beauty of this particular moon.... is that emotions are already increased by the moon placement in the Zodiac sign of Cancer! This makes it even more potent RIGHT NOW!

The energy of the New Moon/Full Moon can be felt 3 days before and 3 days after the day of the actual new or full moon itself. So if you want to take your time with this... there really is no rush! Have fun with it! Maybe light some candles and have soft relaxation music in the background. Or sit outside and enjoy a quiet, warm evening... the world is your oyster! What would help you tune in easiest? It's totally up to you!

You don't have to do any of this if you don't want to, but, ask yourself what taking the time for this does. This helps you put yourself first. If only for a few minutes while you day dream. You are sending out a message that your wants and needs are important. That you honor yourself. That you believe that you and your dreams ARE important and worthwhile. It teaches you that self care can be fun.... and that magic is real and all around you. It helps you to recognize what you want out of life and encourages you to go get it. So this not just an exercise of writing down or thinking a bunch of mumbo jumbo.... it is valuing yourself and giving life to your dreams. It is your first step towards actual change. There is a power in that.

Whether you take the time to partake in this fun little ritual or not, I wish you all the best right now. May you feel calm in the coming weeks and find inner peace no matter what you are doing. Because you know what? You deserve it.



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