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My Current Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

In this time of self isolation and quarantine, YouTube and streaming services like Netflix are more popular than ever! If you are anything like me and love watching YouTube videos- I would like to share a list that varies in topics and subscriber numbers. Here are my current top 5 favorite YouTube Channels:

#1. The Cussing Cardslinger

This is tarot reading channel that includes pick a card readings, monthly tarot readings for the zodiac signs as well as New and Full moon Readings with many other ideas on the horizon.

Yes! I am including my own channel here (obviously!) Please like, share and subscribe to my channel! It is greatly appreciated! Feel free to leave comments on the channel about what videos and/or topics that you would like to see!

Current number of subscribers at time of this blog post: 12

#2. That Chapter

This channel outlines true crime cases, unsolved mysteries and other creepy tales. Narrated and hosted by Mike Oh, this Irish lad will make you laugh, cry and scream with all the horrifying and spooky stories he regales. Be sure to check him out and subscribe if you haven’t already!

Current Subscribers: 376K

#3. Reydiant Reality

This is another tarot channel that is also a place of learning and wisdom. Raphael takes you through tarot, numerology and astrology and offers guidance and insight. This channel has weekly tarotscopes for the zodiac signs, teaching segments, webinars and monthly live reads. Fall in love with Raph’s personality and humor.

Current Subscribers: 50.2K

#4. Zefrank1

A wonderful, funny educational channel on different animals. Zefrank’s hilarious narration with have your sides splitting and tears coming out your eyes. This is a channel that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Current Subscribers: 2.86M

#5. Sam and Colby

This is a fun channel that a couple of boys and their friends travel around the world and go ghost hunting and freak each other out. Sometimes a bit over the top and a bit click-baity with their titles and previews, their content is fun AF! Boys will be boys and they are sure fun to watch!

Current Subscribers: 4.12M

Those are just some of the channels I watch. There are quite a few more that I watch on the regular… so I may have to write a part two to this blog in the future. So if you are looking for some new channels to watch and/or subscribe to- give these a gander. Let me know what you think of my list in the comments. What are your favorite YouTube channels right now? Let me know! Let’s share our favorites shall we?

It’s been a slice… until next time,


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