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Labels = Limitations!

Fill in the blank: I am ________________.

Most people immediately begin listing things. I am a mom, I am kind, I am a man, I am a doctor etc. etc. etc.

It is actually very telling what a person chooses to finish that sentence with. It shows where the value they place on themselves lie. It shows what they think society feels they should say. It shows if they place their self worth on the profession they chose...

This is actually a trick question. No matter what you answer, the answer is limiting.

The answer to this question should be: I am. Period.

We tend to forget that even if we answer with a positive trait or response, the answer is still limiting. For instance, I am kind. That is a loaded answer, not everyone is kind to others all the time, even if they are, they are rarely kind to THEMSELVES. This sentence also sets us up to fail and to feel insanely guilty for the few times where we are NOT kind. There is a level of shame that we bring to ourselves through this statement without even noticing it.

Let's take I am a doctor. Although it is a great way to describe your vocation, it is very limiting. It immediately cuts out any other trait or description of what you are. The doctor could be a mother, or very compassionate... intelligent... funny... a great son or brother etc. Instead, we conjure up the vision of a doctor.... whose only mission is to serve clients in a hospital or clinic. We see them as the JOB - not the person they are. It seems to be that certain vocations- particularly (but not limited to) emergency services or the health industry identify themselves as the job. I am a doctor. I am a police officer. etc. But why? For status? For respect? For what reason does one choose to describe themselves that way first? This needs to be said in this day and age (sadly), no matter what career/vocation that you have: YOU ARE NOT YOUR JOB.

You are an infinite being. You are a consciousness. You are more vast and limitless than this human meat suit that you are currently wearing would let you believe. Truth is, you are nothing but energy... you are expansive! You are amazing! You simply ARE.

Although labels are helpful in learning about certain things and are helpful with checking boxes on forms, what do we truly gain from them? It is just a way of separating yourself from others. In actually, you are no different from your neighbour. You are made up of the same energy and matter as everyone else. You have the same limitless potential. We are all the same. The fact that we feel the need to label ourselves in the first place is rather puzzling, but we are human after all. The little human brain has a hard time comprehending the vastness of its own soul.

But I challenge you to do this: practice going out and NOT labeling anything. Not people you see, not yourself. Practice being in the moment and simply seeing this as they are. Be present in the moment. Remember you are so much more than ANY label can suggest.

I have included this week's most recent episode of the Sassy Spiritual Bitches podcast for your listening pleasure. We go more in depth on this topic, so please give it a listen and enjoy. Remember kids, JUST. BE.

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