5 Energetic Symptoms Being Felt Around The World....

It is an eerie backdrop as I sit and write this blog post. The sky is dark and there is a certain ominous energy about. I have checked in with several friends and we all feel the same... there is a brooding energy looming outside with a feeling that something big is about to happen.

This looming energy is happening everywhere and even those who are normally not affected by- or rather should I say, don't normally notice they are affected by certain energies are beginning to feel it. It is far reaching. There seems to be certain trends happening among the collective, let's review some together.

1) Trouble Sleeping.

It seems like everyone and their dog are currently having trouble sleeping right now! Either they are having trouble getting to sleep, or they are waking up in the middle of the night - multiple times a night. Or they are plagued by crazy ass dreams that they may, or may not remember upon waking.

2) Easily Irritated.

I've heard the phrases "I'm so feisty" or "I'm super irritated and I don't know why" by multiple people more often than not the last few weeks. Especially in the last week! Emotions are running high, with frustration and anger topping the list of what is being felt the most. In reality, the lion's gate portal has activated our heart centres, which levels up our sensitivity to emotion and feeling the energies from the outside world. The fact that most of us tend to shove our feelings deep down and ignore them, find ourselves very frustrated, confused and irritated when those emotions pop up and rear their ugly heads when we believed we had them safe and contained deep down in their little box.

3) Feeling Unsettled.

Restlessness. A sense of unease seems to be settled upon the collective consciousness as of late. A great number of people and clients lately have been complaining about feeling unsettled, restless or just MEH. It's like we as a collective want to do things but also, don't really feel like engaging in the world. There is almost a sense of distrust of the world of late. A waiting for the other shoe to drop perhaps?

4) Wanting Something More.

So many people are feeling like there is something more to their lives than they currently have. Not in the material sense but the "there has got to be more to life" sense. A sense of being stuck. A lot of my clients are feeling the need to find more meaning or purpose to life, and just are not quite sure how the hell to get there, that's how they find their way to me.

5) Depression and Overwhelm.

There is a sense of heaviness and deep overwhelm happening right now. Energetically, the world is nothing but chaos and we can't help but take it on! The trick of all this of course is to figure out first, how to differentiate what energy belongs to what, and then how to navigate it!

So that's all great and wonderful... I've pointed out to you one or all the things that you are feeling right now.... so what? The question is, what can you DO about it?! Good news here! I can suggest several things!

A good energetic clear out is always a great idea! Get a good in depth energy healing done and clear out all stagnant and trapped energy within the body. This will take away that dark, heavy feeling and allow you to feel lighter and refreshed. Once this is done, it may be easier to differentiate the energies coming in - what belongs to you and what doesn't. If this solution interests you- I suggest checking out my energy healing page, these services are on sale until the end of the month and you will be provided with healing notes with all that was found and done within your session.

Meditate- check in with yourself. Make these moments a priority! Remember that meditation isn't always sitting crossed legged and chanting