10 Things To Expect From The Lion's Gate Portal

A Portal Has Opened...

Early this week, on Monday morning to be precise- during my morning meditation, I received an interesting message from my guides... they told me that the veil between worlds had dropped and a portal was opened. Now seeing as though I don't usually received messages about portals, it struck me as rather strange and quite frankly a one off. I didn't give it too much thought. I shook my head and moved on with my day. Fast forward a few days, I learned the Lions Gate Portal (also known as the 88 portal) was opened on July 26th. This was news to me. Now, I had heard of this portal before but I was under the misconception that it only occurred on August 8th.... I clearly, was incorrect. The energy reaches its peak at this time but the portal itself, is open from the July 26th to the 12th of August. Upon learning this information, I looked at my calendar- to my surprise July 26th was Monday.... the day my guides told me that a portal was opened!!! I was stunned!! I'm telling you, you cannot make this shit up!


So what is it exactly? This occurs every year when the sun is in the sign of Leo and the star of Sirius is moving closer to earth, culminating to actually being seen in the sky on the 8th of August. This particular alignment in the cosmos results in massive energy coming to us from the universe. This energy is very intense and high vibrational and not only affects out physical bodies but also our spiritual, energetic bodies as well.

Because the peak of this energy occurs on August 8th - or 8/8, it is sometimes referred to as the 88 portal. What is the significance of this? In numerology, the number 8 is associated with money, power and abundance. It is the number of manifestation. 8/8 is considered to be a very lucky time. It is particularly prudent to pay attention to your thoughts not only on this day, but the entire time the portal is activated. Manifestation powers are boosted right now, so it is imperative you remember: what you think about, you bring about. So what are your thoughts telling you right now? Are they positive messages of abundance and empowerment? Or are they messages of lack, fear and defeat?


You may find that carrying a thought journal at this time would be very helpful. Set a timer to go off at the same time every hour and check in with your thoughts and moods. If they are mainly negative thoughts, it will remind you to switch your thoughts away from the negative and into the positive. This also helps train your mind to do this on the daily, not just during this particular energetic time period.

Leo is ruled by the sun, so when the sun is in the sign of Leo during this Leo season, it tends to result in feeling bolder, stronger and more confident. Now is the time to BE SEEN. the star of Sirius is quite often referred to as the "Spiritual Sun", and very much illuminates and sheds light on our soul's truth and enhances authenticity. We become more aligned with our truth and are able to show more of who we truly are. This spiritual sun is giving life to our spiritual and energetic selves, just as the sun is giving life to our physical bodies. It is during this time that should we want to, it is easier to access higher realms of consciousness.


There are several major activations and objectives that occur during the time that this portal is open. We will examine some of them here:

1) Heart Healings and Chakra activations- An enhanced feeling of love and the release of fear can be expected during this time. Old wounds may resurface and old memories come to light. However, because the heart chakra is activated and open during this time, you are better equipped to deal with these as they surface. You are able to accept and heal from this past hurts and close the cycles that they perpetuate in your every day life resulting in more inner peace and self love.

2) Increased Manifestation & Abundance- because of the numerology associated to this portal, manifestation and abundance get a boost. Your manifestations come to you quicker than normal. It is added a ton of energy to your intention and thoughts. This is why it is so important to track your thoughts!! If you are thinking about how little money you have, how unhealthy your life is etc.... well... your wish is the Universe's command. Pay attention to what you are asking for...

3) Clearing out Negativity</