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Spiritual Life Coaching,
Energy Healing And Tarot

It's OK To Be Who The World Doesn't Expect You To Be


Evolve Healing Institute

Internationally Certified Crystal Healer 

Do you feel stuck?  Frustrated?  Alone?  Misunderstood?

Are you caught up in a life that doesn’t feel like your own?  Do you feel detached, unhappy, discontent, and negative?  Are you finding yourself pulling away from things that you once loved?  Have things you used to enjoy become petty, or too much work?  Are your relationships suffering?  Perhaps you feel guilty because on paper your life looks pretty good but you don’t want any of it.  You want MORE…. Maybe even a completely different life path.  A piece of you feels like it’s missing… and that you’ll never find it again.  You have become resigned to the fact that this is how life is… You feel stuck, dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and unhappy.  What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?  That you no longer have to be stuck or settle for life as it is.  There is MORE to life and there is MORE to you!  You can break the mold and be who and what you have always wanted to be!

I created Authentic Truth Within to help people just like YOU to connect back to their roots and who they truly are.  Through finding your true authentic self, you are able to sift through all the fear and conditioning that we have taken on through the years which keeps you feeling STUCK.  Truly knowing yourself at a deep level and stepping into your authenticity, you are able to discard unwanted and unneeded belief patterns, cycles, and learned behaviors that no longer serve you.  You are able to be YOU again.  You can find FREEDOM.  You can find INNER PEACE.  And you can find SELF LOVE.  You can be and do all the things that you are holding yourself back from!  You can change your life!

I offer a variety of modalities to get you connected to your inner self.  I offer intuitive card readings or channeled messages to receive guidance that you need to hear right now.  Perhaps you aren’t sure where to start your healing journey?  An intuitive reading can help you with a starting point.  I also offer distance Energy Healing sessions.  If you are feeling heavy or misaligned – energy work is a very strong and powerful way of shifting energy within your body to remove the energetic blocks so your body can begin to heal itself.  After a healing session, you feel more clear, lighter, and free.  Personal insights are often received during a healing session and felt after it is finished.  The benefits of these modalities are endless!  If you would like to explore what I have to offer further, you can do so here.

Lastly, I offer one on one CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® sessions.  Through this coaching method, we explore the inner making of YOU.  We go through your life with a fine-tooth comb, dissecting and breaking down where your thoughts come from, why you have the patterns that you do and why you keep repeating them.  I help you figure out how your thoughts and behaviors are working for you, or against you.  I help guide you towards FREEING yourself from these conditioned patterns and behaviors.  You will learn how to become more self-aware so you are able to remember truly are and connect to that side of yourself that has been hidden from you for so long… so you can once again feel whole and at peace.  You no longer have to be who the world expects you to be!  You can break free and create a life based on YOUR wants, needs, and desires!  You can eliminate the fear of breaking the mold and doing your own thing!!  Kick society and the world’s expectations to the curb and let YOU decide what YOUR LIFE is going to be!  You CAN change your life!!  

I cannot express just how powerful and transformational inner work is!  It has lead me to up and completely change my life!  I went from feeling trapped, angry, and frustrated in my job, relationships, and life to a life of alignment – filled with happiness, purpose, peace, and love!  I am living a life that I never thought was possible!  I am FREE.   I am HAPPY and life feels BLISSFUL.  Through connecting to my authenticity and harnessing its power, I am now living the life of my dreams and YOU CAN TOO!

Just check out some of the testimonials from those who have taken the steps to transform their lives here.  I wish you all the best and I cannot wait to help you with your healing journey!  If you have any questions or would like to contact me- please do so here.

Consciousness Coaching®



CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® is a powerful yet gentle soul-based coaching method that facilitates a personal awakening and inner empowerment process. This coaching experience equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to create a more authentic and fulfilling life. By developing a state of conscious awareness and learning how to redirect energy, people are freed up to interpret their life, their experiences, relationships and themselves from a state of presence and love instead of fragmentation and fear. CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING® has been developed by Eryka Stanton, Founder of The Academy of Soul Empowerment.

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My name is Randi Maschak.  I am a Spiritual Coach, Psychic Intuitive and Healer. My mission in life is to empower others to free themselves of expectations and find who they truly are so they can live an aligned,  joy filled life of purpose!   I do this in various ways, through Spiritual Coaching and Empowerment, Intuitive Card Readings or Energetic Healing and Imprint Clearing. 

I have always known on some level that I was a healer.  I enjoy teaching and helping friends and family through difficult situations or relationship issues.  Helping others has always been a part of my life and holding space for others is second nature to me.  I have studied extensively in my field,  becoming a globally certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH®, Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Certified Crystal Healer.  I am passionate and absolutely LOVE what I do and cannot be more grateful for this life and career path!  I look forward to working with you!

About Me

Other Services

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Crystal healing and Reiki.

Psychic Services

Tarot and oracle readings, channeled messages.

Energy Healing

Success Stories

I had the privilege of working with Randi over a period of time where she offered me guidance through consciousness coaching sessions. During this time, Randi helped me uncover old beliefs and fears that were holding me back from reaching my true potential. Her wisdom, down to Earth personality and beautiful inner depth always shines! I was empowered by the whole experience and truly believe she will go on to become a guiding light for many people.


The coaching experience with Randi has been very emotional but empowering at the same time. Randi put me at ease from day one and created a space where I felt that I could be honest and open in sharing my thoughts and feelings. Some coaching sessions were light hearted other got down deep and tears flowed but each session was full of personal growth for me. By midway through the coaching I was observing myself and caught myself when I played the victim, something that I had always struggled to do. The coaching experience has been life changing in the fact that I now feel empowered, have a lot of time and love for myself and the biggie, know that I am worthy. Thank you Randi xx.

Ambyre R

I liked Randi right away, and we used the first sessions to get to know each other and develop what I want to work on and where my difficulties are in life. Randi gave me an exercise to work on every week. So I was able to practice different things. What I really liked about that is that mostly those exercises fitted into what our conversation before was about, so it was not just that she said "okay, today will be this exercise". It was the exercise that fitted or aligned best with what we were talking about and going over. One of the hardest things for me to do was to keep going with good work. I already had realised earlier in my life that I can get to a state where I feel true happiness within myself, but it wasn´t sustainable, because I didn´t even know where it came from. What we did this time felt more substantial and I feel better prepared to keep up the work and deal with a life-situation that might not usually be so easily handled in the future.

Clemens W

Randi is one of the most welcoming human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  Her readings give you insight and closure on so many things.  She makes you feel so comfortable and she is so funny!  I recommend her to all my friends and family because my readings have given me a clearer path to follow which I am truly grateful for! J

Joanna H



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