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Subscription Services

I am offering 3 different subscription services - all of which that have limited spaces available.  These subscriptions will include one distance healing session per week (the type of healing depends on the subscription chosen). Despite what session you choose, your energy will cleansed, aligned and balanced.  You will receive weekly healing notes detailing what was found in your session as well as any messages that have come through (for those choosing Intuitive Healing).  All subscriptions include 15% off any future programs I run, as well as one free channelled messages reading for every 6 consecutive months of subscription.   

The benefits of these healings are unlimited truly, but here are some of the benefits you will find: 


Boosts mood
Assists with depression
Relieves pain, anxiety & fatigue
Releases tension
Aids with grief or heartache
Improves focus
Breaks energy blocks
Relieves stress & worry
Supports the immune system
Cleanses toxins
Improves connection to self
Promotes confidence
Accelerates healing
Improves sleep
Provides grounding
Promotes clarity
Eases headaches
Aligns energy
Promotes balance & harmony within the body
Promotes the body's ability to heal itself

How Does It Work?


You go about your month and once a week I will perform a healing treatment for you.  You will receive an email outlining your healing notes.  Months are billed in advance. Monthly billing invoices will be emailed out on the 20th of each month and will be due upon the 30th of the month in order to receive the next month’s treatment.

Example:  Pay by May 30th to receive June’s treatments.
Pay by June 30th to receive July’s treatments etc.


Do I Have To Do Anything Special?

Nope!  I can work on your energetic body at any time!  You don't have to do anything!  Just be open to receive and that is it!


Why Offer The Subscriptions?

Let's be honest, the past couple of years have been a doozy!  There is so much going on and we all could use healing in our lives!  I also know that the past couple of years have caused some major financial strain as well.  I wanted to offer these limited number of subscriptions to help those who are in want of healing but perhaps the budget wasn't allowing it at full price!  I get it!  So this idea was born out of the want to help others!  I know first hand how important energetic healing is and what a benefit it is for my physical, mental and spiritual health!  I would love others to experience the benefits on a weekly basis! 


How Do I Order?

Purchase the subscription service you want on my website and then each additional month you will receive the invoice in your email.  After the initial purchase, you only pay the subscription through your emailed invoice.  There will be no need to reorder online each month. 

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