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I have created a 4 week program outlining the fundamentals of how to create a real and meaningful transformation in your life.  This is for those who want to and are ready to be BADASS and commit to serious change!  I am opening only TEN spots at an introductory price of $555 dollars.  Here's what I'm offering:


  • Four 90 minute weekly group Zoom sessions

  • A Tool kit to create meaningful change in your life

  • Partner work and home exercises

  • Journal prompts

  • Two 30 minute one on one coaching calls with me

  • And more!


You will learn how to pinpoint your pain points in life - where you are feeling unfulfilled?  You will understand the importance of quieting the mind and trusting your intuition.  Build confidence and silence the inner critic - obliterate obligation and learn to believe in yourself! 

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