5 Crystals For The Blue Moon

This weekend's full moon in Aquarius is actually a BLUE MOON - meaning it is a repeat full moon within a cycle. July's full moon was also in the sign of Aquarius making August's full moon a BLUE moon.

The sign of Aquarius is a bit of a rebel. So don't be surprised if you find yourself craving change and freedom right now. A calling to do something new and innovative. The courageous and creative Leo energy can help propel you forward on this front as it transitions out to Virgo season. Out like a Lion! So they say...

This blue moon is an excellent time to look at things from another perspective. Shake things up... take a good hard look at those belief systems! This is a time for change on a massive scale!

Relationships are another topic that you may find coming to the forefront of things. You may feel called to re-examine certain friendships, working relationships or even emotional partnerships. Perhaps its time to reflect on how your energy is affected by this person or that person. Have you learned all you can from them? Do you feel yourself naturally pulling away? Or are you feeling called to strengthen your bond? Try not to overthink these things... just your soul and heart do the talking.

Now that we have established what we can expect with the upcoming blue moon, lets have a peek at which crystals may work best for you during this time and the following weeks.


This stone allows the feeling of feeling both safe and grounded. It is also a stone for reflection and strength. Mahogany obsidian allows for the release of the lack mentality and helps focus on abundance! It encourages the removal of negative habits or cycles that are being perpetuated in your life and stimulates growth on all levels! It helps you to stand firm in your convictions and promotes both self confidence and self acceptance. This stone helps with gaining clarity in your thoughts and emotions and assists in eliminating anything that adds any sort of emotional distress within relationships. Mahogany obsidian can also bring new life to relationships! These properties of Mahogany obsidian makes it my number one choice for this month's blue moon!


Blue apatite is the perfect stone for a spiritual and emotional reset! Not to mention- it's blue! Taking color into consideration- it's perfect for the BLUE moon! Besides it's color, blue apatite eases feelings of anger, sadness and apathy- which if you read my previous blog post about the symptoms being felt around the world right now (and if you haven't, you can read it here) then you know why this stone is so important at this time! It is an excellent balancing stone, helping you stay centred and present. Blue apatite is a knowledge stone- encourages one to dive keep and explore finding their authentic truth! It is also a stone for tuning in and expanding one's spiritual side, providing deeper connection to one's self and the spiritual realm. It also has amazing manifestation properties and helps us to accept possibilities of the future!


Black tourmaline is a perfect protection stone! It not only neutralizes electromagnetic frequencies but it also absorbs negative energies from the body. It is also known to assist with panic attacks as well as physical, mental, spiritual and emotional detoxification. This stone reduces stress and anxiety by keeping us grounded and present in the here and now. Black tourmaline also promotes a healthy mood as well as boosts happiness within relationships. It supports the immune system and is known to bring in good health, good luck and happiness.