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The Importance Of Routine- My Top 5 Reasons You NEED One NOW!

Let's get real.... I NEED routine in my life. #routineorbust I had a couple of years with no routine or plan or anything really. Mind you, it was when my PTSD was in full swing and getting out of bed was an achievement. However, my lack of routine certainly didn't help matters. I had no purpose. No will or want to do anything. Before my breakdown, I had plenty of routine... almost too much. The pendulum swung waaaaay too far that way as well. I had this strict of a routine because I kept myself too busy. If I was busy... I was distracted. And if I was distracted, I didn't have to look at how miserable and tired I was in my own life. This of course brought about it's own problems, but I didn't know it at the time.


Eventually I got there. I'm there now in fact. It's funny how you can make anything into a little ritual if you want it to. It makes living every day life feel a little more magical and mysterious! (And who doesn't want more magic in life?!).

Creating a current routine gives structure and purpose to my day. It also teaches me discipline. I crave my morning routine. Without it I feel a bit lost, like my day isn't complete. WHY did I make a routine? For several reasons, but here are the top 5:

1) It gets me out of bed. It would be so easy for me to just lay in bed any try my hardest to forget about life and sleep the time away. I need to find a way to get excited about the day ahead. Especially if I feel extra tired and unmotivated.

2) It is my ME time. As a very introverted, old soul- I need plenty of alone time to recharge and recoup. This is my time to do it. I have carved out time in my day to dedicate to ME. It is my way of putting myself first and honouring myself. My version of self love and self care.

3) Brings magic into my day. By creating a little ritual for myself in the morning, it brings a magic to my day that I really don't know that I could put into words. The day is just better when I make the time to put my intention out for the day.

4) Allows time to get my shit together. That's right. Figuring out WTF I am supposed to do each day is a big part of my routine. Making time to look at my to do list and alter it accordingly is a necessity! Life shifts and changes and this little time I schedule out for myself makes rolling with the punches that much easier.

5) It helps my mood. If I were to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, this allows me time to centre and ground myself before joining the world. I am able to flip the script and change my vibe if I need to before interacting with anyone or anything. If I wake up feeling happy and content, this allows me time to sit and revel in it!

Let me tell you this. Your routine does NOT have to be anything elaborate or crazy! AT ALL! It can be as long or short as you need it/want it to be. Having a mindful shower for 10 minutes can be a nice ritual if that is all you have time for! You make of it what you want! My routine is very simplistic... I get up around 5am, feed my dogs and let them out. While I do that, my coffee is perking. Once it's ready, I stir my intention into my mug for that day while I'm adding my milk. Then I relax and drink it on the couch while cuddling one of my dogs. I have an app on my phone with brain exercises that I try to do everyday as well. Around 7am I open my calendar and have a look at my appointments for the day and prepare as needed.

That's it! That's my basic routine. Some days I'll add to it. I may pull some cards for myself, or I may meditate or perform self Reiki first thing in the morning. Some days I journal at this time, but the basic routine is always there. Making time for myself and putting intention into my day are the two biggest things for me. A little intention can go a long way! Having this routine not only has helped me stay aligned with my true self, but it has done wonders for my confidence! Proving to myself that I can stick to something that is just for me - as simple as it sounds, has been a GAME CHANGER!

So I challenge you... create a routine for yourself. Get up 30 minutes earlier. PUT YOURSELF FIRST! Add a little magic to your day! Start your day with positive intentions! You can do it! Believe in yourself! Give it a try... be consistent... and see the magic unfold in your own life.

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