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What is a Sacred Space and How do I get one?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Sacred Space seems to be a new buzz-worthy term within the spiritual community. Although it may seem new and trendy… the idea of Sacred Spaces date back as far as ancient times. Temples and altars have been set up in various places for many, many years! It’s no surprise that yogis and spiritual enthusiasts are creating their own space at home. What is a sacred space exactly? What is its importance? How will it benefit me? Where should it be? Keep reading, we will go over all of these questions and so much more!

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” – Coco Chanel

A sacred space is simply a designated place within your home or living quarters in which you use to dedicate the rejuvenation of the soul. Simply put, a quiet place where you feel safe enough to be with your own thoughts. This space will enhance any sort of meditation or healing modality you wish to take part in. It will support you in journaling, yoga, divination exercises and any other form of spiritual practices you wish to do.

Sacred spaces can be made up of a small altar in your home, to a corner of a room that is screened or partitioned off somehow. It can be an entire room, or even just a closet. The size of the space does not matter, what matters is the energy and how the space feels. The space should feel clean, soft, calm, private and safe. It should be quiet and peaceful. This is where you will go to communicate with your higher self and inner child. A place to go to let stress and worry melt away…. Where you can surrender to Source and Spirit.

But what should I have in the space?! You may ask… well… it is important that you personalise it. Include objects that inspire you, that energize you. Incorporate the senses: sight, smell, sound and touch. Choose things that make you feel good!

You may resonate with certain crystals that make you feel grounded or super connected with your higher self. You may choose to include photographs, amulets or talismans, a journal, cushions or your divination tools of choice. You may want to have a statue of a certain deity, like Buddha, Jesus, Hecate or Mother Mary if that is something that you are drawn to. Perhaps there is a piece of art you created, or you purchased because it called to you… also an excellent option. The opportunities are truly endless. Trust your intuition when it comes to creating your space. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your sacred space doesn’t have to be either.

I personally choose to have soft music playing in my space as well as very soft lighting. I love to include candles. Lighting my candles when I first enter the space calms me and has become a ritual in itself. It is how I choose to tune into my higher self. You will find as time goes on, that your own routine and rituals will fall into place. Allow yourself the time and space to find yours.

I hope that this brief outline on Sacred Spaces and how to create on has helped inspire you! Let me know in the comments below: where is your sacred space, and what have you included?!

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