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Top 5 Witchy Amazon Buys!

Since we have been stuck indoors, it is very easy to get bored. Luckily, there is online shopping to keep us busy! I have compiled a list of my current Top 5 Amazon Witchy picks for you and I will share them now:


This is my ride or die, go-to tarot deck. It never steers me wrong. This deck gives me the most direct answers and shuffles like a dream! It is the usual Rider-Waite imagery but with has been recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts and is very soothing and easy on the eyes! Plus the back of the cards is a lovely blue color with a bronze star pattern. Absolutely lovely!


If you’re anything like me, and you don’t LOVE the smell of sage burning but still want to cleanse your area with smoke, use incense! This is my favorite smell to use when cleansing my house, crystals or just to burn to smell something pretty.


This is a newer deck that I have acquired but it has been spot on with its messages! Not only does it have beautiful images, but it also has a small description at the bottom of each card, so you don’t have to consult the guide book necessarily unless you are looking for further clarification of the card meaning.

2. Onyx Necklace

Onyx is an amazing grounding stone that protects you from negative energy. I would suggest any onyx jewelry to wear daily. I myself have an onyx necklace and ring that I wear everyday. It is by far one of the best stones in my opinion. I have included a link to a gorgeous onyx necklace I found on Amazon:

And finally, we get to number 1….


Now, honestly, when I first saw this deck, I thought it was cute but by no means would I read with it… after watching numerous reviews and flip throughs on YouTube, I decided to purchase it…. Again, I barely used it, until one day I decided to pick it up and use it for earnest. It read like a dream! Very gentle with its messages and always lighthearted and fun- it gets the messages across without being too in your face about it. I absolutely adore this deck! Its perfect when I am reading for others as well! Now I find out, there is a pre-order for a travel size deck! You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be ordering that when it comes out!

And that concludes my current top 5 witchy buys from Amazon! Leave a comment with your favorite witchy things to get on Amazon! Until next time…


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