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The Slamming Door: A Paranormal Storytime

Ever since I was little, I have LOVED Halloween, spooky stories and ghosts. I have had numerous… nay, countless experiences with the unexplained ever since I was a child. So many in fact, that there are plenty that I have forgotten. There are however, certain things that happen that you can never, EVER forget. This, is one such story….

I was raised in a haunted house. There it is, I’m just going to say it. Many things happened in this house that are beyond explanation. Before I begin, let me paint you a picture of the layout of the house… or at least the parts that are pertinent to the story. The house is a two-story built in the early 1900’s. The main floor consists of a living room, bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms and a dining room. The staircase to the upstairs is in the dining room. The stairs lead to a landing and there are two bedrooms against the south wall that you can see while heading down the stairs. (This will be important later.) There is a wooden railing that runs the length of the opening preventing anyone walking in the hall towards the bedrooms from falling down the stairs. This allows for a certain amount of camouflage for anyone coming up or going down the stairs up until a certain point. The railing does have slats so it is possible to see through them if one wants to.

There, now that is all set up, let’s get on with the spookiness, shall we?

I was young, about 8 or 9 years old I’d say when this occurred. My best friend Lisa had come over for the day to play and visit. Now, for some reason or another that I don’t remember this many years passed, Lisa and my sister Heidi decided not to let me into her bedroom to hang out with them. I was furious! After all, Lisa was MY friend and there to hang out with me, NOT her! So, I decided to try and scare them. I opened the door to my sister’s bedroom and jumped out of the way so they would think it opened by itself. Well… I don’t have to tell you, that didn’t work. I got a lot of “Nice try, we know it’s you” etc. etc. After awhile of trying to convince them to let me join them and despite my efforts to try to tear my friend away from my sister, I eventually gave up.

Now, I was absolutely livid by this point as I started to descend the stairs. I was angry and hurt that my friend didn’t want to hang out with me. I was pissed off at my sister for being such a cow and monopolizing my guest’s time. I remember thinking as I was heading down the stairs something along the lines of “wouldn’t it be cool if the door just opened and closed on its own and scared them? That would show them!” No sooner did I think that, then I looked up at Heidi’s closed bedroom door and no word of a lie that door flung open long enough for me to see the two of them sitting on her bed and then the door slammed shut right after. This scared the shit out of me! No longer was I pissed off at Lisa and my sister, now I was just straight up terrified! I had no want to be upstairs and hanging out in that demon room any longer! I ran downstairs where I stayed for the rest of the day.

Now, the two of them didn’t see me on the stairs, I was just at the right angle that I could glance up and see the bedroom but I was far enough down the stairs that they couldn’t see me. They thought I had just opened the door and hid again. But… NOPE! Definitely not the case! It never happened again, at least not that particular event… Many other things happened in that room throughout my childhood but never anything so obvious and tangible. I will never EVER forget that! Honestly, I wish I could do the story justice. I wish that you could see the two of them sitting cross legged, facing each other on the bed and have seen their heads whip simultaneously towards the door when it flew open. I wish you could feel the absolute terror and feel the goose pimples erupt all over your body and feel your blood run cold as you witnessed it… knowing that no one in that house was responsible. Knowing that a GHOST did it, on my whim. I didn’t even speak aloud and a ghost answered me.

So there it is, my first quick little ghost story. One of many to come. Do you have a spooky ghost story? I would LOVE to hear it! Leave it in the comments or shoot me an email! I cannot wait to hear your stories!

Until next time…. Stay Spooky.



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